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Spinal Care

Clinic Service

Treatment Costs

60 minutes session $80.00
90 minutes session $110.00
120 minutes session $130.00
10 sessions (60 min) package $600.00


Our Service

We provide the spinal care health service with a natural approach, with a series of specially designed methods to relax joints, muscle stiffness, recover the tenderness of muscle and soft tissue and recover the balance of muscle dragging force to the bone. This makes the whole body’s bones recover or balance to fundamentally achieve preventing illnesses and healing sicknesses.


During the entire period of process, we not only pay attention to vertebrae, but we even emphasize more on taking care of the pelvis.



Spinal Care

The vertebral column (backbone or spine) of our body is vulnerable to move out of position which compresses the spinal cord and further compresses spinal nerve root. This causes body pain and inhibits nerve signal propagation.


Muscle or joint function controlled by the compressed nerves can not function correctly. Blood flow and lymph flow will get affected and cause many diseases.