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Who doesn’t wish for smooth, rosy and fresh skin? Environmental influences, hormones, bacteria, stress, metabolic disorders, heredity, nutritional influence can all be factors that influence skin complexion.



Focusing on every part of the face, we offer a wide range of skin treatments. We use only pure natural, organic high quality medical line products, combine them with acupuncture, herbal and nutritional supplements.


We use special fresh water with pH value close to o our skin’s pH value to help signature skin recover to normal condition. 


We treat your skin from the inside out. Our licensed and clinically trained estheticians and acupuncturists work out a treatment plan for your skin type and health condition.


Our skin therapy includes the following items: preventive facial treatment and signature specialized treatment.


Our skin care services cover active clearing treatment, neck-lifting treatment, face-lifting treatment, hydrating care treatment and herbal peeling treatment for different skin conditions.


We use a selection of products with natural ingredients.  The special mixture of selected herbs are highly effective and a unique complex of plant-based effective ingredients, in which each individual component works together to enhance the effects of the others to create a regulating effect and achieve the desired result of our skin care treatment.

Green Herbal Peel

5-day treatment

(including products)


10 treatment package




Herbal-Vital Treatment




Power-Neck Lifting




Super BeautyTreatment




Warm Energy Treatment




Active Clearing Treatment




Hydra Cool Treatment




Soft Touch Treatment




10 treatment (choosing any combination of above listed treatments) package




Basic Facial (Chinese herbals)


10 session package




The following treatments can be added to any skin care treatment:


Cool Eyes Care



Lip Care



10 Treatment Package