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Spinal Care

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Herbs and Nutrition Therapy
Clinic Service

Treatment Costs

First visit check-up $30.00
Following visit check-up $15.00
Twice a day each time 6 spoons $4.00
Twice a day each time 9 spoons $5.00
Twice a day each time 12 spoons $6.00


Our Service

Chinese herbs and nutrition medicine has successfully brought healing and well-being to patients for over 3000 years. Our herbs and nutrition therepy offers  a natural and drug-free health care with proven clinical results.



Herbs and Nutrition Therapy

We use traditional Chinese herbs and nutrition medicine to treat various diseases based on their nature and capabilities. They are applied to the following situations:

  • inducing perspiration
  • reducing excessive heat inside the body
  • counteracting rheumatism
  • reducing cold sensations inside the body
  • reducing dampness in the body
  • lubricating dry symptoms
  • inducing vomiting
  • inducing bowel movements
  • promoting digestion
  • suppressing cough and reducing sputum
  • regulating energy
  • regulating blood
  • regaining consciousness
  • reducing anxiety
  • stopping involuntary movements
  • correcting deficiencies
  • constricting and obstructing movements
  • expelling or destroying parasites
  • ulcers and tumors
  • external applications